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Natural Skincare For All Seasons

3 March, 2022

Natural Skincare For All Seasons

3 March, 2022

Published by Pavilion Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, my book launches on 5th May 2022 and is now available to pre-order at and all good bookstores.

Natural Skincare For All Seasons is a useful, practical guide for anyone interested in growing and making their own small batch, botanical skincare products. Wherever you live in the world, whether you have a big garden, a small allotment or tiny balcony, you could be growing fresh flowers and herbs to make your own botanical soaps, toners, creams, bath products, face masks, face oils or herbal treatments.

(I also share my natural cleaning products too – because I always get asked how to make them!)

My bathroom and kitchen cabinets contain just a few plant based, homemade products that I use every day and I hope that my book helps to inspire you to sow, grow, harvest, dry and make fresh and frugal formulations that are gentle and kind to skin and planet. There is no need to buy lots of chemical-laden products – simple plant based formulations are best.

So many skilled no-dig organic growers and botanical skincare makers have informed and inspired me, and I have listed many in the Resources and Bibliography sections at the back of the book.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Skin - understanding what the skin is and how we take care of it;

Chapter 2: Plotting My Skincare Garden: What to grow and how to arrange it;

Chapter 3: Choosing Skincare Plants: The top 22 skincare plants to grow and forage for and their beneficial properties;

Chapter 4: The natural skincare garden through the seasons: What to do to maintain your garden through the year and how to harvest and store your plants;

Chapter 5: Basic formulations and 30 skincare recipes, including skincare teas cleanses, oils, creams and more;

Sustainability - how to make a Natural Cleaning Spray and Botanical Household Soap.


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