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Dorset Sea Salt Soap

20 March, 2020

Dorset Sea Salt Soap

20 March, 2020

Just as in the sourcing artisan food and drinks, we believe in regional ingredients and in a sense of place and local manufacture for skin products.

By creating artisan soaps and skincare products in Dorset we want to give our preparations a unique and authentic provenance.

Dorset Sea Salt is a small business founded by Jethro Tennant in Portland, on Dorset's Jurassic Coast (with support from the Princes Trust charity). Jethro started by harvesting sea salt by hand in and around the salt pans (or salterns) of East Weare – an industry that the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Normans were once pursuing successfully on the same coastline that now forms part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

The sea water is pumped and triple filtered before being heated to 70 degrees Celsius until the water evaporates and the salt flakes are dried. Biomass boilers, solar panels and wind turbines are used to create the energy needed to carry out the brine dehydration process, so that the carbon footprint is maintained as low as possible.

Dorset Sea Salt contains no additives or caking agents and is very pure and high in natural minerals and trace elements.

Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium chloride, iodine, zinc and copper are very beneficial in our diets and are also widely used in the skincare industry – which is why sea salt is excellent in soaps and in bath soaks.

Thalassotherapy, the use of sea water and sea salts for healing and wellbeing, has shown that natural sea salt helps detoxify, exfoliate and cleanse the skin, keeping its PH neutral, relaxing our bodies and providing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory protection. Sea salt has been used in soap making and spa treatments for millennia.

Our Dorset Sea Salt Soaps contain a generous amount of salts in each bar and our bath salts harness the properties of sea salt and combine them with essential oils, seaweed, Epsom salts and herbs.

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