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Not Quite Perfect Soaps



It’s very rare we ever have a sale, but space needs to be made in our workshop for new retail and wholesale products.

So we are discounting 500 gram bags of mixed Not Quite Perfect Soaps which have imperfections (like dents or blemishes) that make them not quite 100% perfect for normal sale, but are still good and perfectly safe to use.

These Hair & Body Soaps are sold loosely in sustainable, brown paper packaging.

The fragrances, sizes and types of soaps in the bag may vary.

Fill your bathroom, not landfill, and rescue every soap!


Olive oil (sodium olivate), coconut oil (sodium cocoate), almond oil (sodium almondate), shea butter (sodium shea butterate), distilled water (aqua)

Some soaps may contain essential oils, sea salt, seaweed or organically grown flower petals

Linalool and limonene (naturally occurring allergens in essential oil)

Glycerin (a natural by-product in cold-process soap)

Approximate weight of bag: 500 grams of mixed botanical, handmade soaps


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Minimum order value - £22

UK postage and packaging - £5 for orders under £50
Free UK Postage and packaging for orders of £50 or higher

EU postage and packaging - £20

We are only able to ship to the UK and EU at this present time.

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